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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: July 2020

A Boost for Brotherly Love 

Medical specialists are racing to find therapeutics and vaccines, humanity is trying to get educated about diversity, and political parties are battling to reunite our great nation. At a time when public health mandates force us apart with our faces covered, it’s never felt more necessary for Americans to hold hands and speak up publicly in support of each other and our common humanity.

How can you support someone else at a distance? Pick up the phone and make person-to-person connections, start having a critical dialogue, and show empathy. Offer help to those that truly cannot socialize in person. Drop off food, flowers, balloons—anything to show you care.

In the article “On a Sacred Vision for America,” page 32, Stephen Dinan writes, “I believe that America’s next level of expression is within each of us, but it requires that we do some internal housecleaning, clearing out the past, letting go of our different political polarization, being more solutions-focused and more focused on fulfilling our larger mission in service to the globe, rather that just in service to ourselves.”

Take a moment to think about what you can do to help get us back on track. Whether it’s wearing a mask to protect others, talking to your kids about race, or getting out to vote, you can make a difference. Brotherly love is not lost—it just needs a boost.

And here’s a bit of positive news: Beginning this month, we have added Long Island to our publication area. Kelly Martinsen, publisher of Natural Awakenings, Long Island, will be with us through the transition in joining NYC with its sister town and her community of supporters who share our vision. We appreciate the time, energy, and passion that Kelly has put into her publication, and we will strive to keep up her legacy.

Double the fun for us!

Cyrece and Michael


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