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Oral Thrush Is More than a Mouth Problem

Oct 09, 2019 12:18AM

By Michael Biamonte 

Oral thrush, also called oral candida, is an infection in which fungus accumulates in the mouth. 

Oral thrush, also called oral candida  is an infection in which fungus accumulates in the mouth. It can lead to mouth sores and gum disease due to a lack of vitamins and healthy bacteria. That’s why the proper probiotics are needed to treat the infection.

The biggest obstacle to quick, effective treatment for a medical condition like oral candida is going to a “specialist” specific to its most obvious symptom. [A2] A person might see an endocrinologist for hormone issues, a neurologist for problems involving the brain and nerves, or a gastroenterologist for troubles with the gut—but no one is treating the person as a whole. 

With oral candida, there is something else going on in the body; the symptoms just happen to be present in the mouth. Specialists often misdiagnose oral candida and mistreat the patients altogether. In fact, some doctors end up scaring their patients into doing more testing and treatment than necessary by claiming that oral thrush can indicate AIDS. This theory is completely false.

The patients are left frustrated. If “specialists” can’t figure out their problem, how can anybody help? As a result, they self-diagnose and try to treat themselves. With the hundreds of opinions and endless amounts of natural supplements available, this process can be overwhelming and cause more harm than good.

I’m a doctor of nutripathy, an expert in clinical nutrition, a recognized candida specialist and the author of The Candida Chronicles: A Manual for Candida/Yeast Infections. I run the proper tests and use proprietary software designed for NASA to analyze vitamin and nutrition deficiencies and treat the whole patient, not just the symptom.

I'm currently offering a free consultation for those that purchase The Candida Chronicles. I will guide them through the book to the sections that will help them personally, and I’ll offer specific treatment advice.

 Michael Biamonte, CCN, is founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition, located at 2185 34th Ave., Suite 14D, Astoria, NY. For more information or to order The Candida Chronicles, visit


 [A1]Okay to shorten this for consistency with the references later on?

 [A2]Went with more precise phrasing here. Is this okay?

 [A3]I don’t think most people consider a medical doctor to be a specialist, so I removed that reference from the “specialist” list. However, if you want to work that in another way, go for it.

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