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Infrared Heat Enhances Effects of Chiropractic

Among the most significant advances in natural health care is the use of high-tech heat therapy to reinforce and enhance the effects of chiropractic treatment, says Lindsay Griesbach, director of brand development and strategic partnerships for HealthyLine, which opened a Manhattan store last November.

“While most of our walk-in customers are buying our far infrared heat therapy devices to unwind and recover from injury at home, our Inframat Pro Plus line is popular with practitioners who find that using heat while doing their chiropractic magic increases wellness overall and offers a cutting-edge approach to their practice,” Griesbach says.

Unlike traditional heat therapy devices, HealthyLine products integrate “five-in-one” technologies: far-infrared heat, negative ions, hot stones, photon lights and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). As a result, heat therapy sessions alone can aid recovery from joint injury and pain, Griesbach says. And when combined with chiropractic treatment, the effects are even more dramatic.

"Applying penetrating heat to the spine just five to 10 minutes prior to a chiropractic treatment will make the joints more flexible, like they’ve been oiled, making adjustments easy,” she says. “The pain factor is dramatically reduced due to the nature of the far infrared, and the heat also relaxes the patient’s body and mind. Ultimately by combining high-tech heat therapy with treatment, chiropractors help their patients recover faster.”

In addition to using HealthyLine mats for treatments on site, many chiropractors sell them to their patients for home use, she says.

 Location:  41 W. 36th St. For more information, call 212-300-5092 or visit        





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