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In This Issue: June 2021

Making Healthy Men

I like that our June issue focuses on men’s health—and rightly so since Father’s Day is on Sunday the 20th.

In our house, it feels like men’s health is a constant theme. Since I’m outnumbered by my guys, I am always making sure all three are eating well and exercising more.

For our teenagers, it should be simple, right? Well, not necessarily so. Many teenage boys feel like they should be able to eat whatever they want, in any amount. But if genetics play a role, fighting the battle of the bulge at an early age is more common than not.

Our oldest can eat literally anything, but that doesn’t mean I support that thinking. As we know, too much of any one thing can set you up for problems later in life. We’re lucky that he’s an athlete; rarely a day goes by without him exercising. But I’ve been pretty strict when it comes to sweets—a little is OK, but a lot is not.

Our youngest has a propensity to gain weight more quickly, but not from eating poorly. For him, it’s a lack of consistent exercise. He’s a tennis player, and during his high school season, he’s playing six times a week. You would think that’s plenty of exercises, yet his genetic makeup means he needs various types of physical activity to keep the weight off. He eats far less than our older son and is allowed only one sweet per day.

I’d like to think I’m helping them live longer, healthier lives by instilling good habits, so when I’m long gone they’ll stop and think, What would Mom say?

To all our male readers: Whether it’s on your own or with a boost from a female who cares, may you live life to the fullest!

Always in health, Cyrece

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