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Coronavirus Resources - New York City

How You Save A Life - Stay Home

We have compiled a list of resources and Natural Awakenings articles to help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Stay safe!

Novel Coronavirus Hotline
Call 1-888-364-3065 for Information about the Coronavirus


Meet 17-Year-Old Avi Schiffmann Who Runs Coronavirus Tracking Website Used by 40+ Million Globally: Link
Leading Authorities in Science:

Dr. Michael T Osterholm
Thomas Pueyo
Jeremy Howard
Dr. Leana Wen
Dr. John Torres
Laurie Garrett
Paul Keugman
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Natural Awakenings Related Articles:

Finding Calm During Trying Times

How the global pandemic can serve as our spiritual wake-up call to learn how different traditions heal from life-shattering events. Read More » 

Gladskikh TatianaShutterstockcom

Coronavirus Pet Safety: Facts and Tips for Dog and Cat Owners

What pet owners need to know when it comes to COVID-19 and their dogs and cats. Read More »  


Virus Fighters: Essential Oils for Challenging Times

In these coronavirus days, an essential oil mixture offers soothing scents for the homebound and might add some viral protection. Here's a DIY recipe to make at a Thieves blend at home. Read More » 

Unpacking a Medical Challenge

Unpacking a Medical Challenge

COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, is a new pathogen the human body has never encountered, which makes the immune system respond abnormally, with a cytokine storm that can be lethal. Read More » 

Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona

As our community works together to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Read More » 

Nature The Antidote Thats Always There

Nature: The Antidote That’s Always There

You won’t get coronavirus from contact with plants, dirt, rocks and animals. What you will get is a break from the stress and risk that come from being with other people in confined space... Read More » 

Ayurveda Offers Time-Tested Anti-Viral Strategy

Ayurveda Offers Time-Tested Anti-Viral Strategy

While COVID-19 is new to humans, we’ve been dealing with pandemics for a thousand years. Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine system Read More » 

Chinese Coronavirus Doctor to Lead Eastover Training

Chinese Coronavirus Doctor to Lead Eastover Training

Chinese CorEastover Estate & Eco-Village, in Lenox, Massachusetts, will host a Forest Chan Meditation and Chinese medicine training from April 28 to May 3. coronavirus Doctor to Lead East... Read More » 

kasarp studioShutterstockcom

Virus-Free Hands and Home: Research-Proven DIY Sanitizers That Work

If we can’t use a sink and soap to ward off the COVID-19 coronavirus, a hand sanitizer can work. Here are easy, cheap and environmentally friendly formulas to make your own DIY sanitizers. Read More »  

Support Lung Health Through Better Breathing

Support Lung Health Through Better Breathing

One of the pioneers in the field of pulmonology wasn’t a pulmonologist—in fact he wasn’t a physician at all. Carl Stough was a singing and choral conductor in New York Read More » 

Natalia FigueredoUnsplashcom

Ways to Calm Your Anxiety with Meditation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With all the uncertainty we are facing today surrounding COVID-19 causing individuals to develop anxious feelings, now is the perfect time to start a regular mindfulness meditation practice. Read More »  

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A Home That Heals: Creating a Nurturing Space

Stay-at-home orders allow for the opportunity to transform your residence into a sanctuary of peace. Here are ways to reduce clutter and enhance flow to make your house feel like a sacred... Read More » 

photo by Nina Subin

Kenneth Davis on Learning From the Last Global Plague

In his book, More Deadly than War: The Hidden History of the Spanish Flu and the First World War, Kenneth Davis describes the epidemic that killed millions and warns of a potential relapse. Read More »  

Nine Simple Taoist Ways to Boost the Immune System

Nine Simple Taoist Ways to Boost the Immune System

With flu season not quite gone and allergy season fast approaching, our immune system needs to be in top shape to keep us well. Mantak Chia,... Read More »


The Edgar Cayce Diet for Health

The Edgar Cayce Diet for Health

Edgar Cayce, (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) was known as the "Sleeping Prophet" and gave what was known as “readings” on thousands of di... Read More »  

Stressed-Out Pets Natural Ways To Calm Fear And Anxiety

Stressed-Out Pets: Natural Ways To Calm Fear And Anxiety

While most American pets live on easy street, with meals, treats, exercise outings, and affection provided, the good life also poses challenges—dogs and cats can get stressed. Read More »  

What can people do to protect themselves and others from getting the new coronavirus?

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