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Quest Bookshop, in Midtown East, Hosts Talk on Humanity’s Evolution

Share International USA, an educational nonprofit organization, is offering a free presentation, “The Evolution of Humanity: Stepping into Our Divinity,” at 2 p.m. March 19, at the Quest Bookshop, in Midtown East.

As Jim Weaver, a local volunteer with Share International, explained in an email, “From the 1970s until his passing in 2016, British artist and esotericist Benjamin Creme lectured internationally about the next stage in human evolution, and that the World Teacher for this coming age would be appearing in person with a group of enlightened individuals known as Masters of Wisdom.” 

Share International Foundation was created to assist a worldwide group of volunteers in making this information known as widely as possible. The presentation at the Quest Bookshop is part of that mission. It will explore humanity’s gradual development, where we are now, and the possibilities ahead of us.

From the Share International website:

“Imagine a world free of war, poverty, and injustice—where sharing and cooperation have replaced greed and competition. What could bring about such a change? Only extraordinary, wise, incorruptible leadership—working with people of goodwill from every corner of the earth. According to British author and esotericist Benjamin Creme, leadership is now among us. A colossal spiritual Teacher has entered our world and will soon begin his open, public work with humanity.

“Maitreya, the World Teacher, will demonstrate the path of cooperation and sharing, and guide humanity forward into an age of peace and right relationship among all nations.”

Location: 240 E. 53rd St., New York, NY. For more information, visit

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