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Massapequa Eatery Touts Juicing Benefits

More energy, a clearer mind, and looser pants. 

What do those three things have in common? They’re what most of us crave after a big Thanksgiving binge. They’re also the byproducts of a good juice cleanse, according to the experts at Organic Corner, in Massapequa.

Long Island’s first organic plant-based eatery, Organic Corner is well known in the community for its diverse vegan and vegetarian dinner menu—like its cauliflower steak, buffalo-style eggplant quinoa burger, and spicy cashew mac-n-cheese balls. But it also operates a day café and juice bar, and it’s created several juice cleanses to help people “hit the reset button” on their bodies.

“In a few days’ time, you can feel leaner, cleaner, happier and completely change your relationship with food,” OC reports on its website. Other benefits it lists include better hydration, improved digestion, and organ, and immune function, increased energy, clearer skin—and “a sense of empowerment, knowing you are taking charge of your health.”

Then there are the looser pants. That happens around day three, according to the eatery’s Juice Cleanse page. At that point “you will wonder how you ever ate the things you did before your cleanse.”

OC offers a variety of cleanses, from a single day to five, seven, and 10 days.

Location: 37 Broadway, Massapequa, NY. For more information, call 516.798.5670 or visit


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