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Glamping Comes to Governor’s Island

Glamping has come to Governor’s Island. Collective Retreats—a company “dedicated to making luxury coexist with ruggedness, fine dining to exist under the stars, and people to connect with unique places and the people around them”—includes the island on its list of “iconic destinations,” which also includes towns in Texas, Montana, and Colorado, as well as Ghent, New York.

Collective Retreats’ grounds on Governor’s Island feature numerous outdoor gathering spaces, including a bar, multiple fire pits, and a restaurant, Three Peaks. All its indoor sleeping spaces, from tents to tiny homes, have beds. Because the island is located just 800 yards from the lower end of Manhattan, the resort’s most spectacular feature is its skyline views.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve learned to appreciate elemental joys. Glamping lets us take that ethos with us as we travel—indulged but not indulgent, and mindful of the splendor around us. 

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