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Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Michael Berlin

A Mind-Body Mission

At Family Wellness Center, Dr. Michael Berlin focuses on healing from stress

From the time he was a boy, Dr. Michael Berlin didn’t like taking medicine. He trusted his body’s ability to heal itself. “I even used to heal myself of all kinds of ailments, like headaches and stomachaches, with a sort of meditation that I made up,” he says. He was also empathetic—quick to give a hug or a hand. 

It probably surprised no one when he gravitated toward a career in healing. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology and volunteering at hospitals, he decided to try chiropractic because it seemed to share his natural philosophy. 

“Once in chiropractic school, I fell in love with chiropractic—even to the point of tears at one point—because I realized that everything that I wanted to be, do and have, I could within my profession,” he says. 

Network Spinal Analysis

At Family Wellness Center, his clinic in Plainview, New York, Berlin specializes in a new approach to chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis.

“I found NSA early in my career,” he says. “I use it because it delivers the promise of what true chiropractic could do to its fullest extent: helping people to heal more completely and permanently in their body, minds, and spirit.”

NSA specialists are trained to blend many gentle chiropractic techniques with highly advanced neurological work and energy work, Berlin says. The goal is to use the right technique at the right time for the individual patient’s body.

 “When chiropractic is applied in this way, the results are dramatically enhanced, and generally much more complete and permanent,” he says.

Healthy Weight Loss

Family Wellness Center also specializes in healthy weight loss—a natural way to manage or prevent a wide variety of chronic conditions.

“Our programs are based on sound- and time-tested nutritional principles to heal your digestive system, rebalance your hormones, detoxify and nourish your body, and permanently shrink and eliminate fat cells,” Berlin says. “We finally have a way to help a frighteningly growing number of people who are becoming sick and obese because of our toxic, fast-paced world.”

For more than 25 years now, Berlin has been a force for healing in Plainview and beyond—not just as a provider of mind-body and alternative healing, but as an educator, a group facilitator, and a wellness coach. He’s been on chiropractic mission trips abroad, and he joined a group of chiropractors at Ground Zero, helping first responders stay healthy.

In the office or out in the field, Berlin’s mission is always the same: to promote health by mitigating the effects of stress, whether it’s emotional (from upsetting events, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions); physical (accidents, lifting, bending, sitting all day, etc.); or chemical (from drugs, junk food, and environmental toxins).

“It’s our pleasure to educate and inspire all people to live better lives by connecting with nature and the miracle of life in achieving health and happiness,” he says.

The Family Wellness Center is located at 641-B Old Country Rd., Plainview, NY. For more information, call 516-871-3078 or visit


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