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Lifestyle-Management Programs Complement Cancer Treatment

The Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management was established with one overarching goal: to help people develop the physical and emotional strength they need to fight cancer. Founder and Executive Director Cindy Ness, Ph.D., herself a cancer survivor, says lifestyle factors that bolster mind-body-spirit health are critical to overcoming the disease.

“We work closely with our patients to maximize the effectiveness of the medical treatment they've chosen to pursue—whether conventional, integrative, or naturopathic—by addressing the impact of emotional, social, physical, dietary, stress load and positive-mindset factors on their health,” Ness says. “CCLM offers highly customized programming in each of the six areas above, all in one location, with a dedicated focus on care coordination and taking the confusion out of often-competing and conflicting healing claims.”  

CCLM offers three-, four- and eight-week programs appropriate for people at any stage of overcoming cancer, whether they are newly diagnosed, undergoing medical treatment, or finished with treatment and cancer-free. The programs are shaped by research published in mainstream scientific journals that document the significance lifestyle management can have on cancer outcomes, Ness says.

The three-week program is an immersive experience offering a systematic overview of the six key areas of lifestyle management, which work together to improve immunity, decrease inflammation, improve the metabolism of whole nutrients, and optimize the body’s ability to thwart cancer-cell growth. It includes six workshops, two yoga classes, three meditation sessions, a movement class, and an emotional well-being session, all delivered in a small-group setting so participants’ individual situations can be addressed.

The four-week program, while appropriate for anyone who’s had a cancer diagnosis, places special emphasis on staving off a recurrence for those who are post-treatment with no evidence of disease. It helps participants reduce inflammation and stress while improving immunity and intestinal absorption of whole-food nutrients. It also addresses the various emotional issues that attend a cancer diagnosis, and it builds a sense of community with others who have walked the same path.

The eight-week intensive program offers participants a customized lifestyle regimen with the goal of optimizing their body’s wellness and making it less hospitable to cancer-cell growth, especially if they currently demonstrate evidence of active disease. It also helps them understand how lifestyle management can maximize the effectiveness of whatever medical treatment they’ve chosen to pursue.

For more information about CCLM and its programs, call 646-920-9600, email

[email protected] or visit

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