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Advanced 5D Imaging Is Excellent Dental Tool

By Dr. Linda Golden

Vision is one of a dentist’s most important tools. Being able to see inside a patient’s mouth, assess how to help make their smile the most perfect it can be, and then track their progress over time is essential to providing them excellent long-term care. 

That’s why our office invested in the highly advanced dental imaging system known as iTero Element 5D. 

The Element works with a simple wand-and-camera system. The dentist simply guides the wand over the patient’s top and bottom teeth, and the Element automatically produces a 3D model of their mouth. 

But it doesn’t just take photos. It also uses a new technology called NIRI (near-infrared imaging) to give both patient and dentist a look under the tooth’s surface. This allows us to see the enamel density and internal tooth structure, which helps us identify and correct problems before they get serious. Even if there are problems in the base of the tooth, the Element can give us key insights into correcting pulp damage with a ceramic implant (no root canals at Golden Dental). The wand also functions as a live camera, so we can show patients exactly what we are seeing in their mouths.

Goodbye cavities and gingivitis! 

Improving Invisalign

The Element also replaces bite impressions (no more icky goop) and gives us key insights into administering Invisalign. Since we can take a virtual impression of the mouth, we can also use AI to show patients what their mouth will look like during and after Invisalign. Every time they come into the office, we can give them a quick updated scan, track their progress with time-lapse technology, and make any adjustments needed. In addition, our patients get to watch as their teeth straighten and their smile transforms.

This time-lapse technology also helps us monitor patients’ recovery after surgery and prevent any irregularities. 

Another benefit of this new system is its safety. Traditional mouth scans release a small dose of ionizing radiation, but the NIRI technology in the Element is radiation free.

Essentially, the Element allows both our dentists and our patients to gain greater vision and insight into their care over time. Since the NIRI technology is radiation-free, we can scan patients every time they come in, so we always have an up-to-date scan of their teeth. 

Anyone with questions about the iTero Element 5D is welcome to call us.

Dr. Linda Golden is the owner of Golden Dental Wellness Center, located at 444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset, NY. For information and appointments, visit Golden Smile and call 516-627-8400.

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