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New Safety Measures at Golden Dental Wellness, In Manhasset

Golden Dental Wellness, in Manhasset, has implemented a variety of new safety precautions to protect patients from coronavirus, including Molekule and Vitashield air purification; enhanced use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 face masks; state-of-the-art Dentavac equipment; and negative-ion emitters placed in the office. 

“Since it’s been shown that COVID-19 can spread through the air while remaining active and contagious, air purification and the elimination of aerosols are paramount in controlling the spread of the virus,” says Dr. Linda Golden. “During routine cleanings as well as more involved dental procedures, aerosols can form and become airborne, which are a perfect environment for coronavirus to thrive in. Both our Molekule—a system specially designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria—and Vitashield air purification can eliminate COVID-19 in the air, as well as keep unsanitary aerosols under control. In addition, we have installed negative-ion generators to clean the air around patients during procedures.”

The staff has stepped up their PPE protocols to include the use of surgical-grade equipment during routine procedures, shields at the front desk, and N95 at all times in the office. Golden Dental Wellness further limits patients’ potential exposure to the virus by having them wait in the car rather in the waiting room.

“We have also been sterilizing all surfaces between patients, taking the temperature of all patients before their appointments, and continuing our typical aerosol containment protocol,” Golden says. “If you should need a test for coronavirus, we are currently offering tests with a three-day turnaround during your appointment.”

Location: 444 Community Dr. Ste. 204, Manhasset, NY. For appointments or more information, call 516-627-8400.