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Natural Awakenings New York City

New Product is Now Available - PolarAid®

PolarAid® is a revolutionary, affordable, new body tool that supports wellness, well-being
and an improved quality of life that was first demonstrated by Nikola Tesla and Dr. Georges
Lakhovsky and adapted for today’s proactive consumer by Dr. Dino Tomic. There have been
hundreds of authentic, compelling testimonials to its benefits.
PolarAid® encourages sexual health, weight management, healthy metabolism; bowel and
digestive health; muscle, joint, spine health and flexibility; mental calm, balanced moods; and
The cost for one PolarAid disc including shipping is $80, with a 30-day money-back
guarantee (minus shipping and admin fee). With purchases of two or more discs, the shipping
fee is added only once. A family pack of 5+1 PolarAid discs costs a total of $336, reducing
the cost by 30% per unit and is also cumulative as any time a customer reaches five
purchased PolarAids, they’ll receive an EXTRA FREE disc.
For more information, including viewing an informative video on using the product, and to
order, visit or call 450-486-7888.