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Longtime Ayurvedic Physician to Offer Workshops in Midtown

In February, Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik will host one- and two-day versions of his workshop Ayurveda: A Modern Approach with Ancient Healing Wisdom, at Balance Arts Center, in Midtown Manhattan. Kaushik has more than 35 years’ experience as an Ayurvedic physician. He recently founded the Institute for the Advancement of Ayurvedic Sciences, for research and teaching.

“Ayurveda, which is rooted in ancient books of wisdom, the Vedas, is commonly referred to as the ‘mother of all sciences,’” Kaushik says. “It is deeply spiritual and epitomizes a true body-mind approach to health and wellness.” 

His one-day workshop, to be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on February 8, will cover the origin, philosophy and history of Ayurveda, and how it can integrate with current (including Western) health and medical systems. Participants will learn how their constitution influences their health, how to determine if they are out of balance, and simple ways to achieve balance and harmony through diet, exercise, meditation and lifestyle changes. 

The two-day version adds a second session on February 9, also from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Building on the previous day’s lessons, Kaushik will delve more deeply into the doshas that govern the body systems. He will discuss the Ayurvedic approach to specific health conditions, with a focus on proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, improving the immune system, food combining and dietary tips, and the importance of a seasonal detoxification regimen.

Cost: $115/$215. Location: 151 W. 30th St., 3rd Floor. To register, call 646-670-6725.