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How to Thrive in ‘The Age of Surprise’

Sep 03, 2018 08:19AM
by Deirdre Hade, mystic

Welcome to the Age of Surprise. As a mystic, I recently went deep into prayer and meditation to ask the universe what’s going on. I found myself in an alternate reality, a circular room filled with columns of light. In the center of the room stood a golden throne. From this throne, a brilliant white light shined. Then a voice spoke: You are living in the Age of Surprise— the great age of transformation. Yes, the foundation you stand on is changing, but there is a great awakening on its way. You must pass through the Age of Surprise and unlock the door to this awakening. The first key is to reclaim your individual core value, the virtue your soul is here to bring into the world. What my mystical journey showed me, as I opened my eyes, is that there is much to be hopeful about, but hope will require us to rethink the core value of who we are. The light I experienced during my meditation went on to explain that it is imperative for all of us to reconnect with the core of what it means to be a human being, and that this core within us is an energetic pillar of stability and calm, a state of universal love. It is our Central Pillar of Light, also known as the Staff of Life. To find balance during this age of topsy-turvy change, we must connect to the greater internal stability and calm. Our birthright is to know the worth of our core value, our Central Pillar of Light. Your core value Because each of us has an individual core value, facing the unexpected in life becomes an opportunity for us to be a voice of wisdom. When we live from the truth of our core value, surprise cannot knock us over. Your core value, your Central Pillar of Light, is the eternal ray of your soul’s essential nature, your Radiance Tree of Life. It can never be harmed, destroyed or overtaken. This place within you is steady and grounded. It knowingly tells you how to react when confusion, panic or disaster occurs. When you’re connected to your core value, you live in clarity, connection, vision and love. You are capable of making positive, healthy choices for yourself, your family, your work and your community. This is how we open the door to the Age of Awakening, one person at a time. There is a virtue that is the core value of your soul’s purpose. It is your soul’s calling— the principle, the ideal, that you are here to build your life around. However, along the journey of growing up, we get lost and forget our mission. Then a surprise happens, and we look to push the reset button. Your personal awakening Turn off your phone. Close your eyes. Imagine a golden orb of light in your belly. A pillar of white light runs through the center of your body. Breathe into this light. Ask it, “What is my core value? What virtue is closest to my heart?” Now listen. You will hear a still, small voice. This voice is your soul, reminding you of your core value. Write down what you hear. Make it your mantra. This is your energetic key to happiness, which will keep you in alignment with your soul. As you move forward day to day, it will be your guidepost, steadying you and giving you wise intuition. This is how to thrive in the Age of Surprise. Mystical visionary Deirdre Hade is the founder of The Radiance Journey and the coauthor of The (not so) Little Book of Surprises. She and her husband, William Arntz, creator of the film What the BLEEP do We Know!?, will lead a retreat, Thriving in the Age of Surprise, September 21 through 23 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA. For more info, visit See ad page 16.

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