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Tongue Analysis: Your Tongue will Tell

The aged-old art of tongue analysis has its root in the science of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system developed in India.

The tongue is the road map of the entire body. This road map has a relationship and connection to different anatomic sites and internal organs of the body. Observations on the tongue’s map reflect pathological changes in the corresponding body sites and organs. Changes on the tongue’s color, shape and surface texture are strong visual indicators of a person’s overall state of health.

Leftover bits of food and dead skin cells get lodged in the upper surface of the tongue creating a coating on the tongue’s surface. This is what bacteria feed on and are able to grow into larger colonies. A thicker coating is a sign of more bacteria present in the mouth. Bacteria increase saliva acidity, which in turn leads to tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Chief nutritionist, Anamaria Pontes, at Holistic Dentists in Tribeca performs tongue analysis to see what is happening inside the body. Micronutrient deficiency and poor nutrient absorption can be seen on the tongue and soft tissues of the mouth, including gums and lips and be accounted for poor digestion, tooth decay and gum inflammation.

To schedule a tongue analysis contact Anamaria Pontes, MS, RD, CDN at 212-732-2200. Holistic Dentists is located at 17 Park Place, New York, NY 10007. See more at