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Natural Awakenings New York City

Navigational Tools For Life

To achieve our highest potential in life, we must balance our logical minds and our emotional impulses. But local energy medicine practitioner Athena Heinold says there’s another factor we must consider too: the intrinsic light inside us. By focusing inward on our light energy, she says, we can enhance all aspects of our lives and will be guided to health and wellness.

In her sessions on Navigational Tools for Life, Heinold teaches people how to use their innate light guidance while she provides healing transformation. “My clients learn how to access the energy where the light of the spirit meets form, where all potential exists to nurture and work with the genesis of their true selves,” she says. “I begin by giving them a deeper understanding of themselves, their true energetic nature. Developing the capacity to differentiate between light energy and other energy allows us to choose to grow in the light. Like plants, we can reach for the sunny source inside, allowing that light to transform and nourish our tissues to promote wellness.”

Heinold offers complimentary 10-minute consultations and $25 discounts on initial one-hour sessions when clients mention Natural Awakenings. For appointments or more information, call 808-264-5309 or visit