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Learn How To Open And Broaden Your Money Flow

moneyThe Center of Prosperity has launched a coaching program that uses traditional psychological approaches combined with Reiki energy practice and other nontraditional therapies to help people increase their wealth and accomplish desire money flow in two months.

“Our current money flow is a result of our thoughts and limitations,” says Tania Chumak, coach and founder of the Center of Prosperity. “Sometimes we might not be aware of the causes of our low money flow, like our ancestors’ unconscious’ beliefs that we innated. So even if you do not know about them, it is really possible that you have inherited them, especially if you have money issues. Those beliefs might be carried through seven generations and serve us in both positive and negative ways. Moreover, we might have another basis’ that we unconsciously caring, which preventing us from achieving the desire wealth and prosperity.”

The Center of Prosperity’s coaching program permits the clients to step out of their comfort zone and perform actions they have never performed, broadening their horizons and enables broader money flow.

For more information visit or call 646-883-3307.