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Living Well Despite Adversity

harrietGoing through a difficult situation or transition, such as a divorce, an illness or the loss of a loved one, can cause us to become immobilized as we wallow in our grief. But it also can be a turning point, a catalyst for positive change, says Harriet Cabelly of Rebuild Life Now. Cabelly, a social worker and positive psychology coach, supports people by helping them climb out from the depths of their pain and despair and begin to reengage with life once again.

“Challenges can cause us to get stuck,” she says. “But eventually, by allowing ourselves grief time and by embracing our strengths, we can rise above and move towards finding new meaning and purpose and rediscovering joy. We must give ourselves permission to feel all of our tumultuous feelings so that we can come through them and move to an eventual acceptance of a new reality.”

As an adversity counselor, Cabelly sees her work as “moving people from bitter to better.” She counsels her clients from grief to growth and travels the painful journey with them. “Holding their pain and, in time, encouraging baby steps is the basis of my practice. It’s about support and movement. Life happens; it’s what we do with it that matters—how we rebuild our lives to live on well through and beyond our adversities.”

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