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Band-Aid vs. Alexander Technique

By Mona Al-Kazemi

In the journey of life, each one of us has choices to make, and every choice has consequences. Luckily, no matter what we choose, there are always lessons we can learn from, whether the choice we make is useful in the moment or not. In other words, whether we make the “right” choice or the “wrong” one, we will learn about ourselves and about the laws of life.

How is this related to Alexander Technique? The majority of people tend to choose exercise-based modalities, such as yoga or Pilates, to help them improve the quality of their lives. While there are benefits to these exercises, they may be considered the equivalent of the Band-Aid solution to problems and injuries. A Band-Aid is useful and important; however, it is temporary and only covers the surface of the problem. On the other hand, there is the Alexander Technique.

Learning Alexander Technique helps by directly addressing the core issue of how we are supposed to function based on our structure—that is, how we are built. For example, if someone is suffering from neck pain caused by the way she tilts her heads over her mobile phone, she has the choice of either doing light exercises to ease the pain or studying the best way to tilt her head based on the knowledge of where the major joints of the neck are. Better yet, she has a third choice: to do both. She can learn to move efficiently, the  way we’re supposed to, and also exercise in order to ease the pain caused by the misuse, keeping in mind the simple fact that we do need to change our bad habits that cause us pain and or injury.

Alexander Technique takes care of the problems that are caused by misuse— intelligently, clearly and directly. Choose it and experience for yourself improvements in the quality of your life!

Mona Al-Kazemi, M.Ed., member of American Society for the Alexander Technique, is cofounder of Think AT, a new business in Battery Park City dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique, mainly through individual lessons. The name is inspired by the technique’s focus on thinking, which affects the way we live, including whether we move with patterns of tension or ease. Teachers at Think AT have more than 12 years of training. For more information, call 646-632-5181 or visit

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