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“Fruit & Veggie” Powder Packs Big Nutritional Punch

While the USDA recommends that we eat three to five servings of fruit and two to four servings of vegetables daily, studies consistently show that Americans don’t come close to that goal. That’s why Massage for Health and Fitness, a local provider of nutrition-dense foods and supplements as well as on-site massage services, now carries Fruits & Veggies Plus, a 100 percent raw, whole-food fruit and vegetable powder formulated to contain the highest nutrient value possible.

“According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the average American consumes only three servings of fruit and vegetables a day,” says Nigel Hunt, a national certified massage therapist with Massage for Health and Fitness. “Even more alarming, the USDA reported that over half of all elementary students eat no fruits on any given day, and three out of ten students eat less than one serving of vegetables a day.”

The ingredients in Fruits & Veggies Plus are picked at peak ripeness and immediately freeze-dried to retain all their enzymes, vitamins and minerals, Hunt says. “Whole-food fruits and vegetables contain essentials nutrients, especially antioxidants; that improve our resistance to disease, protect our cells from free radicals and boost our immune system,” he says. “Good nutrition is vital to optimal health and especially important for children and adolescents for healthy growth and development.”

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