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Why We Go Through What We Go Through

By Tara Greenway

Have you ever gone through a challenging experience or relationship and thought, Really, God? Again? Come ON! It’s frustrating to repeat negative patterns we desperately want to escape. Why does this happen?

I got an answer to that question not long ago when I took a workshop with a real master. Vianna Stibal is the founder of ThetaHealing, a mind-body technique that has grown exponentially throughout the world, with practitioners in over one hundred countries. She’s healed countless people and has written several books.

So I was surprised when she shared with the class that recently she was so disillusioned with some events in her life that she asked, Really, God? Again? Come ON! Certainly, I thought, she was too evolved and successful to experience the same kind of frustration I had.

I was mistaken. Vianna went on to explain that she kept getting verbally and legally attacked by others until she recognized the pattern and was ready to hear the answer to her question (Really, God? Again?). She finally understood the reason: sometimes we repeat lessons in order to fully master a virtue.

In this case, she said, the virtue she gained was tolerance. When people verbally attacked her while she was teaching healing, she stopped rushing to defend herself. She learned to stop feeling disgruntled and resentful toward her attackers; instead she unconditionally accepted them, letting the Universe teach them—and her. She became truly tolerant, she said, and now she no longer needs people to attack her in order to learn about that quality.

Do you know what is standing between you and your dreams? Perhaps there’s just one virtue that you need to attain, and perhaps you keep manifesting the same painful situation over and over in order to attain it. As soon as you recognize and begin to practice that virtue, you’ll release the old pattern and open up space for what you truly want into your life.

Then you will get to say, Really, God? Thank you! Let’s go!

Vianna Stibal is coming to NYC to teach basic and advanced ThetaHealing seminars June 19-22 and 23-24. To register for her NYC seminars, go to For information about prerequisite classes or one-onone ThetaHealing sessions, visit, email [email protected] or call 212.260.5727.

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