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Unlocking Your Skin’s True Radiance

Aug 25, 2014 07:54AM

Dr. Boneva Explains the Benefits of Holistic Skincare and Resurfacing Technology

No matter how humble, spiritual, or psychologically liberated we may be, few of us feel happy about blemishes or the effects of aging. Most of us want to look better, feel better and, if it were possible, turn back the hands of time. So, what’s the real secret to radiant skin? Great genetics? Fillers? Lots of yoga and raw foods? A plethora of expensive products? Deluxe spa treatments?

Good nutrition and smart self-care certainly play an important role, but there’s no silver bullet solution for great skin. Dr. Mariana Boneva suggests that a multi-faceted, holistic approach creates the most natural looking, luminous and long lasting results.


Is it possible for anyone even those with acne, scars, wrinkles, sun spots, or rosacea to have beautiful skin?

Everyone’s skin is different and some people have greater challenges than others, but almost anyone, with the right approach, can retexturize their skin. In some cases, people can achieve truly transformative results. Finding the right practitioner, identifying and properly addressing the real causes, and being truly committed to carrying out the steps that are needed to heal and enhance your skin are all critical ingredients. In my practice, I have seen acne clear up, wrinkles become less pronounced, and skin tone become noticeably more even. So, yes, for many people, smoother, more supple skin and a healthy glow are absolutely achievable.


How did you discover the principles behind skin rejuvenation?

Sometimes unfortunate events have a silver lining. I had a terrible car accident when I was young. When I woke up after surgery, I had 21 stitches and my entire face was bruised and swollen. Seeing this, I asked my doctor if a full recovery was possible. He insisted that I would need plastic surgery, but I was unwilling to accept the possible risks. I knew there had to be a better way.

After the accident, I decided to put my faith in my skin’s natural healing abilities. When faced with a skin condition, no matter how severe, it is necessary to gain a detailed understanding of how skin works, heals, and regenerates.

With this philosophy in mind, and after experimenting with different products and technologies, I was able to completely eliminate all scars and any traces of the accident in only 18 months. The results were so amazing, I couldn’t believe it myself when I looked in the mirror. It felt like a miracle. During this period I learned a lot and my approach to skincare changed drastically. I found that when dealing with any skin condition, the treatment should work in synergy with the natural processes taking place, and not against them as is the case with many conventional treatments. This is why I believe in the holistic approach and its wide range of benefits.


You’ve pioneered some advanced laser treatments and even developed your own line of topical products. Why are they so effective?

To treat certain skin imperfections, especially challenging ones, inventiveness is sometimes necessary. Through a multi-faceted, innovative approach, I have combined methods and technologies in slightly unorthodox ways in order to achieve optimal results, faster.

I also began to develop my own product line when it became apparent that even some of the best cosmeceuticals on the market were either not delivering the results I was hoping for or contained too many suspect ingredients. My products are pure, natural, and simple. They don't contain preservatives or unnecessary chemicals and they really work.



You can reach Dr. Boneva at Beauty Plus Aesthetics by calling 212-371-6097 or visit




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