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Expanded Preventive Physical - a longevity assessment for the 21st Century

What is the secret of my neighbor’s great skin? How come my girlfriend has this amazing posture and I don’t? How come my colleague can jog in Central Park for an hour and I cannot last for 5 minutes? How do I live longer and better? By now you have heard it all: eat right, exercise, and listen to your hairdresser. Jokes aside, it heartens me to see that people are much more preventively oriented than they were in the 80’s and 90’s. Nobody wants to wait for a crisis. People want to nip the problem in the bud before it unravels as an illness. Prevention is awesome, especially when it is addressed from the holistic angle: looking at you as a complex human being living in a stressful world. Yet, the regular physical exam of the past is not exactly a holistic experience. I wish it were not true, but you all have been there: in and out in 10 minutes. This may be enough time to look at the sore throat, but it is not a timeframe for a comprehensive check-up.

An Expanded Preventive Physical the way I conduct it, starts with the complete review of my patient’s health issues and a thorough exam. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows us to record the baseline of my patients cardio-pulmonary and circulatory systems. Blood and sometimes other important screening tests are used to collect a full picture of the patient’s major body systems, inflammation markers, vitamin levels, heavy metal toxicity, and hormonal status.

And don’t forget that our skin is like a book of life, with its wrinkles and lines, and scars. The real environmental damage and early signs of aging cannot be seen with naked eye. As part of our Expanded Preventive Physical, we use revolutionary computerized technology to analyze the epidermis and dermis and see what’s happening underneath the skin. We can also simulate how your skin will change over the course of the next several years, all things being unchanged.

I always bring my patients back to discuss the results of their Expanded Preventive Physical. This is the time for us to sit down and go over their Longevity Prescription for the entire year. If we identify the need, we proceed with the Weight Loss and Nutrition program. In the context of their physical and testing results, all patients are educated about alternative approaches to wellness, such as Energy Medicine, Water Detox, Infra-Red Therapy, Acupuncture, Meditation, Skin Phototherapy and Rejuvenation, and Supplements, to mention a few.

After the Expanded Preventive Physical, patients emerge empowered and inspired to live healthy for the rest of the year. This approach could be the reason why I have one of the lowest rates of hospitalization among primary care doctors in New York.



Svetlana Kogan, MD

Founder of Doctors at Trump Place Longevity Institute and MedSpa



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