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The Next Generation of Hair Beauty

Mar 29, 2013 09:14AM

There’s no doubt that the world of beauty is giving a 360 degree turn, focusing more on lifestyles, healthier products, sustainability and its impact on the environment.

The Truth Has Been Revealed

Nowadays, with all the unlimited access that we have on the Internet, people don’t wonder anymore about suspicious ingredients, how toxic they are and their long-term consequences in one click. 

Most hair products that are using harsh chemicals like ammonia, parabens, plastics, formaldehyde, sulfates and high concentrations of PPD’s, to deliver “effectiveness”, are causing allergies, skin irritations, extensive damage to the hair during the coloring process and compromising the environment big time..

In this new era of healthier consciousness and living, consumers are more demanding on choosing smarter products that will be beneficial for their bodies and expecting same or better results.

The Need For Hairstylists “Health & Environmentally Conscious”

“My role goes far beyond hair styling,” says the expert Mauricio Cifuentes. “This means a deeper understanding of what the hair needs and properly treating it with gentle, nourishing ingredients that beautify without compromising the health of my clients.” Beauty begins on the inside—and, when you feel good it radiates to the outside. This philosophy, both professionally and personally, goes hand-in-hand with the growing movement of consciousness in beauty, health and wellness. The goal is to beautify and care for hair’s specific needs using the best organic—and effective—alternatives.

Doctor In Hair Care

Mauricio Hair Studio Privato specializes in treating the overall health and look of hair by rehabilitation, strengthening it and utilizing the proper products. This begins with a detailed hair analysis that determines the hair’s integrity from the inside out prior to any service. Before any color or cut, hair is detoxified and treated with the appropriate proteins and moisture levels to balance its pH and restore normal elasticity. Clients are sent home with recommendations of organic, natural products to continue the repair and replenishment process. Within this shifting direction, a new target client base has evolved: eco-conscious clients who care about what is going into their bodies, people with allergies and/or sensitive skin and women during pregnancy.

About Mauricio Cifuentes 

Mauricio is a certified organic hairstylist and hair products specialist who attracts a worldly clientele with his expertise. He has over 10 years of experience working as a fashion and editorial hairstylist. Fluent in unisex styles and color trends, Mauricio’s creations live on the cutting edge of what’s fresh and modern—always using the best all-natural organic products that are nutritious and safe for the body and equally effective.


Visit Mauricio at Green Festival on April 20-21 at the Javits, booth number 614

Mauricio Hair Studio Privato, 210 Fifth Avenue. Suite 1102, NYC 10010  212.532.3030

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