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I Can't Stop Coughing!

Have you or someone you know been suffering from a cough that simply won’t go away? Did it start shortly after Hurricane Sandy following the cleanup? Or, did it begin after a cold you had recently?  If it’s a cough that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you take or do, or if it returned after it seemed to be gone you may be suffering from Hurricane Sandy Cough or from a “killer cold virus” that has been going around for many months.


Hurricane Sandy Cough

Did your house or apartment get wet from the flooding from the storm? Or did you help someone cleanup after the storm? Many people who did are now suffering from a persistent cough caused by inhaling mold spores! It is said that sometimes, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Mold spores are microscopic and as mold started growing on and behind drywall, on wet clothes, and on paper products, or just about on anything, and in basements; mold spores were produced and released into the air. Very special masks similar to those used following 9/11 after lung infections started occurring in the men working on cleanup are needed for this cleanup as well, but most often not used. Who knew?

So now many people who helped clean up homes, as well as people living in the homes and apartments after the storm are now infected and suffering.


The “Super Killer Cold Virus”

Actually, since last August people have become ill with what has become, in some cases, a killer cold virus. It starts with what appears to be a simple cold. You may get some or all the symptoms of a routine, typical cold. Then it turns into a cough that, in some people, becomes a severe bronchitis. Unfortunately in people with severely compromised immune systems it can lead to pneumonia possibly requiring hospitalization with dire consequences at times, particularly in the elderly.


What can you do?

You probably have tried all the over-the-counter cough remedies or have gone to the doctor who gave you antibiotics and prescription cough medicine. If they had worked you probably would not be reading this.

What does work for coughs due to colds and what may be the only medicine for coughs due to mold infection is “intravenous ozone therapy”. Painlessly injecting a medical grade oxygen/ozone gas mixture directly into a vein (DIV Ozone Therapy) completely destroys all virus and mold infection throughout your body. This therapy has been proven effective and safe and has been in daily use in over 50 countries for over 70 years. When all else has failed this therapy may be the only answer.

Due to the fact that ozone is not patentable, so “Big Pharma” can’t make money from it, DIV Ozone therapy has not been taught in our medical schools nor studied here with the results published in American medical journals. However, dozens of studies have been published in those other countries and some are available at our National Library of Medicine online by searching “intravenous ozone therapy.”

Be that as it may, this is the only time-tested, safe and effective way of treating what is normally “untreatable”. Websites like will give you the basic information about how it works and the many diseases and conditions it has safely and effectively been used to treat. Waiting for it to get better won’t work this time.


Dr. Howard Robins, considered by many to be the foremost clinical expert in North America on the use of intravenous medical zone therapy, can answer your questions about it. His clinic is located in midtown Manhattan and it has performed over 185,000 treatments for over 22 years. He can be reached by calling his office at 212-581-0101.

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