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What Happened to New York?

Nov 02, 2012 02:57PM

Sitting here after days with no power assessing what has happened.  A crazy time to be a New Yorker, or a resident of the NorthEast for that matter for the widespread destruction we have encountered.  Some lost lives, some lost everything, some lost nothing and are operating normally and some are half way in between.  It really is hard to know what to say in a time like this, when almost everyone you know is facing some type of hardship.  In this moment, we are seeing what the bare necessities of life are and we feel abundant when we have heat, warm food and shelter.  Our daily lives prior to this disaster were truly over-indulgent.

Taking each day as it comes, sharing power sources and generators to get in touch with loved ones, figuring out what to eat, and how to get heat… this has become a common way of life.  

As I was up much of last night, not being able to sleep well in the dark cold, I decided to put on a flashlight and read a magazine I had available.  It just so happened to have an article that brought much peace and ease to my soul called "Grounded in Gratitude".  In this article it highlighted that we must embrace every gift since each blessing counts.  So when our lives are restored, I hope we all remember to be thankful and feel blessed for each day of abundance and overindulgece we have as long as we take a moment every now and then to look up and say "Thank You".

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Sending all my love and gratitiude, 

Tina Woods, Publisher

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