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Wu Tao Dancing Emerges in the Metro Area

WuTao is coming to America for the first time ever in the New York Metro Area! Developed by Australian Michelle Locke in 2001, Wu Tao is a movement-based modality that blends the fluidity and play of dance with the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Wu Tao was born out of Locke’s background as a professional ballet dancer and Chinese medicine training that she had in studying to become a shiatsu practitioner. 

Based on the five elements of Chinese medicine, Wu Tao is a series of dances that work with specific elements and meridians within the body to balance Qi and promote a profound sense of wellness and ease. No dance training is required as the dances are both easy to learn and very gentle on the body. 

Let go of stress and come into the dance of life! 
Summer 2012 Schedule
July 6-12 - Wu Tao teacher training (downtown Brooklyn)
July 17- August 7 (free preview July 10) - Wu Tao at the NY Open Center
July 14 - Wu Tao at Jaya Yoga, Lambertville, NJ
Michelle Locke

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To register contact Anna Brooke at [email protected]