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5 Steps to Aging Beautifully

“How can I look younger?  ”That’s a question that my patients often ask me. I prefer to ask this question: “How can you look more vibrant and radiant now?”

When we see celebrities on TV, movies or in magazines that are in their forties and beyond, what we may envy about them is not that they look much younger than they actually are, but that they look amazing for the age they are. While I can’t guarantee my patients that they can add years to their life, I can help them get the most out of the years that they do enjoy on this earth with my 5 steps to aging beautifully. And it isn’t just for women – men can age handsomely with these ideas, too.

1. Balance your sex hormones. Using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) or another natural means of balancing hormones can help you stay on top of your game with your mood, stress levels, libido, quality of your skin and hair. Dips in testosterone in men in mid-life can also cause weight gain around the middle and a drop in libido, along with loss of muscle mass. These are symptoms of andropause, which can be balanced with BHRT as well.

2. Get out of adrenal deficit. Your adrenal glands are tiny organs that sit on top of your kidneys and can be often-overlooked culprits of unexplained weight gain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and many other symptoms that make you look haggard. Balancing your adrenals is key to staying optimistic, well-rested, a healthy weight and looking vibrant.

3. Thyroid health harmony. This gland may be small, but it is often called the “master gland”. For people who have a low-functioning thyroid, hair loss, weight gain, dry skin and depression may be a problem. While people with an over-functioning thyroid may have trouble keeping weight on and may feel their heart racing, among other symptoms. When your thyroid is balanced, it is much easier for the rest of your body to be in harmony – skin, nails, hair, body shape, weight and mood, which makes for a much more attractive body and soul.

4. Be a digestive detective. Latent allergies, improper habits around food and previously undetected conditions such as Celiac Disease can wreak havoc on your gastro-intestinal system, which also directly affects how your brain functions, the quality of your skin and immune system. Partner with a holistic physician to find the best nutrition plan for you, including a test for food allergies and gut flora balance to optimize your digestive system that will have positive effects for your weight, energy level, skin and hair quality.

5. Give your liver some love. Incorporating a liver detox into your life 2-4 times a year will help your body remove toxins that have built up over the years. This includes processed foods, petrochemicals, environmental toxins, candida, heavy metals, and toxins from living a stressful lifestyle. After detoxing, I bet you’ll get compliments on how great you look – and you will have more energy and focus than you ever thought was possible. How beautiful is that? Partner with a holistic physician to achieve these 5 steps to aging beautifully (or handsomely). You may not be on the red carpet, but you will look and feel just as good - if not better – than a celebrity!


Written By:

Dr. Rashmi Gulati, MD

Medical Director of Patients Medical

800 Second Ave Suite 900 New York, NY 10017


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