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Moet Hennessey's Lapostolle Wine is 100% Organic

Moet Hennessey's Lapostolle Wine is now 100% under organic management and 100% under process of organic certification.

Using super premium single vineyard wines from the three estates, under 100% organic and biodynamic management, they are certified organic by Ceres, who certifies organic practices for U.S. (NOP) and Europe (CEE 2092/92). Lapostolle exports are certified Carbon Neutral® deliveries and their new eco-packaging produces bottles that are 15% lighter and made with 60% recycled glass, with labels made from sustainably managed forests.  

Lapostolle's environmental initiatives cover all aspects of production, such as organic vineyard management, biodynamic processes, ecological and environmental conservation, carbon emmissions, packaging, recycling at the vineyards, recycling at the winery, saving and reusing water and energy conservation.

Lapostolle has been rated “Best Value” 3 times by Wine Spectator.  Learn more about Lapostolle at