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Natural Awakenings New York City

Jean McClelland: Voice, Breathing and the Alexander Technique

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Jean McClelland is a renowned teacher of voice, a senior teacher of the Alexander Technique, and a noted musical theater performer. She is on the faculty of the Graduate Department of Theater, Columbia University, and the New York Open Center. Jean has given workshops at drama and music schools, universities, and holistic learning centers throughout the country.

My Teaching:

I truly believe that there can be no greater joy than to sing and speak freely and spontaneously. Developing a physical understanding of breath support helps us to become more musical and truthful singers, no matter what the style, and more engaging and committed speakers. Our work together is highly creative and intuitive, and I integrate the Alexander Technique and the groundbreaking breath work of Carl Stough in our lessons to help you find more freedom in your body and strength and expression in your voice.