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JF Marketing Group

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I'm Joshua Filippini and I founded JF Marketing Group in 2014 after realizing so many doctors want to help the patients who's chronic conditions are mismanaged and neglected by the medical community. The problem was, they didn't know how to consistently find those new patients. They may have gone through training and practice management firms that gave simple marketing ideas, but with the lack of skills and time to devote to learning how to brand themselves, their practices remained stagnant. As we were building our private practice we even hired marketing firms to help us. But because of their lack in understanding our market and who our "Dream Patient" was, their results were very short lived and costly.

We come to you as a Marketing Group that ONLY helps doctors like you! We only help 20-30 doctors per year so that we can give our best attention to each doctor's practice. When you sign up with us, you sign on a team dedicated to getting you results far above your expectations. We will of course handle your marketing, but we will also develop new strategies to bring in additional income. We will help you build the practice of your dreams!