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Dr. Howard Robins to Speak at NewLife Expo

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The old saying “You are what you eat” is truer than our grandmas knew, says Dr. Howard Robins, who will be discussing gut health as a featured speaker at the NewLife Expo, taking place June 4-5 in Hauppauge, Long Island. 

“I’m excited to share the latest research studies on how to achieve a healthy gut and the benefits of ozone therapy and probiotics,” Robins says.

As founder and chief medical officer of Doctor’s Biome, a probiotics company based in Hauppauge, Robins says bringing its healing formula to fruition proves another old saying: “Nothing worth having comes easy.” 

Robins and his lifelong friend Rich Finkelstein were having dinner together when Robins began describing how effective a probiotic would be “that can be alive inception to ingestion.” From that discussion, and the scientific expertise of Reza Kamarei, Ph.D., Doctor’s Biome was born.

“It took two years of testing and tweaking and reworking the formula—many sleepless nights and frustrating days,” Robins recalls. “The development of Doctor’s Biome was certainly not easy, but coming up with a scientifically superior product is no easy task.” 

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