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Healing Conversation Begins with 15-Minute Consult

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Even fifteen minutes can make a difference in reducing the emotional stress that can trigger physical disease, says Mike Berlin, creator of Living the Miracle, an online program designed to help people transform their lives by overcoming emotional stress. That’s why he offers free 15-minute virtual consultations: to give people a taste of the healing potential of Living the Miracle. 

“Stress is the number-one killer in society today,” he says. “According to the CDC, 93 percent of all doctor visits are stress related—and this was before the pandemic. But emotional stress occurs nowhere but in our minds. Ultimately, it comes from us. It causes stress and conflict in our lives, and it causes all emotional pain. Stress interferes with our happiness, productivity, creativity, intimacy and health. It interferes with our freedom to be, and to express and experience the miracle of life and who we truly are.”

“Dr. Mike,” who’s also a chiropractor, says he’s spent 30 years helping people transform stress from their bodies and their lives. The key is removing the interference from “the natural expression of you,” he explains. That means overcoming negative experiences like divorce; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; bad parenting; neglect; violence; a traumatic event; or just the ups and downs of life.

“These experiences can leave us with unresolved hurt, guilt, anger, shame, fear, loneliness and heartbreak,” he says. “Ultimately those emotions manifest in physical symptoms, from overeating and weight issues to sleep and digestive problems.”

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