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The Pandemic Period Effect—And How to Recover

By David Pollack, D.C.

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The overwhelming number of women who have experienced changes in their menstrual cycle during the Covid pandemic cannot be ignored. From my own patients’ testimonies and the countless testimonies available online to my medical colleagues talking shop on their experiences and observations, what has been described is a wide variety of symptoms. 

Some women say they stopped having their period altogether. Others report increased irregularity—variations either in the number of days to their cycle or in its monthly timing. Many describe significant lightening, almost lack of flow, or the opposite, a considerable increase in volume. Unfortunately I’ve had patients experience spontaneous miscarriages and heard firsthand experiences of late-stage miscarriages. I don’t think we even know the impact and ramifications yet. It might take five or 10 years to surmise half of it. 

But I’ve also seen many of these changes reverse with a bit of elbow grease (not really, don't worry!) and some detective work. 

Two-Step Solution

The first step is to figure out what part of the body was affected. Many parts of the body have an impact on hormone balance and menses; the ovaries and uterus are just a part of the whole process. The liver, adrenal glands, pituitary and hypothalamus are all directly involved too. 

Overall inflammation levels can also wreak havoc on a woman’s menstrual cycle, often indirectly. Inflammation of the digestive system, the kidneys, and even the heart and lungs can have the secondary effect of triggering changes to a woman’s hormones and menstrual function. 

The second step is to work on regulating and re-normalizing menstrual function. We have been overwhelmingly successful in doing so using natural treatments and therapies: plant-based enzymes, herbs, acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies, functional chiropractic techniques, and great modalities such as cold laser therapy and moxibustion. My active patients recovered remarkably quickly. Those with Covid-related changes bounced back in a month or two. Those not previously under my care generally took three months or so to regulate.

The bottom line? There is hope, and there are answers.

Dr. David L Pollack is founder of Pollack Wellness Institute, in Commack, NY. For more information, contact him at 631-461-0801 or [email protected], or visit

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