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‘Living the Miracle’ Teaches Freedom from Emotional Suffering

Emotional pain is inevitable in life—there are going to be people and things that make us feel bad—but suffering is optional, says Michael Berlin. 

Berlin has developed an online coaching program, Living the Miracle, that helps people free themselves from the fear that causes emotional suffering.

“Suffering comes from concern and worry about future needs being met,” he explains. “But once we teach you how to live in the moment and meet your own needs in each moment, you begin to feel safe and capable in life, and all fear goes away.” 

Berlin says living in the present, and knowing and living our own truth, requires mastering five skills.

“These skills will teach you to resolve your past and live in communion with your deepest heart and soul, so that you can create the present and future that is truly right for you,” he says. “Things will happen and you’ll feel your normal human emotions, but you’ll simply ride the ups and downs of life because you’re always connected to your own love, truth and empowerment, for yourself and others. My unique proprietary process, which combines the teachings from many spiritual and personal-growth masters, helps people truly heal all the root causes of inner and outer stress, conflict and overwhelm. If you’re struggling—or you simply want more peace, love and passion—please call me.”

For more information, call 516-780-3351 or visit

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