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Wantagh chiropractor discusses eleven lesser-known benefits of regular care

A nutritious diet and regular exercise aren't the only factors affecting health and wellness. Regular chiropractic visits can help reduce the risk of illness, ease the pain of chronic conditions and even lower stress, says Gina Marino, DC, owner of the Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit, in Wantagh.

“Chiropractors don’t just treat back and neck pain,” Marino says. “In fact, chiropractic offers an excellent way to maintain your health and avoid conditions and illnesses that can affect your quality of life.” 

Among the many reasons patients choose to receive chiropractic care is that they are looking for a natural, holistic, noninvasive, drug-free alternative to ease their symptoms and restore their health, she says. She notes several lesser-known but important benefits of regular chiropractic care:

1. A healthier immune system: “Misaligned vertebrae in your spine or neck can press on the nerves that serve the immune system, interfering with its ability to fight illness,” Marino explains. “Spinal adjustments, a common chiropractic treatment, realigns your vertebrae and improves your resistance to diseases and infections.”

2. No more pain: Unlike prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers, chiropractic isn't a temporary fix for pain, she says, adding, “Treatments target the source of the problem, wherever it is, eliminating or reducing pain and preventing it from reoccurring.”

3. Improved balance: Poor balance is more common in senior citizens but can affect people of any age, leading to falls and serious injuries. According to Marino, chiropractic treatment enhances the function of nerves involved in balance control, improves gait issues, and corrects imbalances that can cause misalignments in bones, joints and muscles. “Improving balance with chiropractic care can also help improve your sports performance and reduce your risk of injuries,” she says.

4. Natural headache and migraine relief: For people who suffer from frequent tension headaches or migraines, chiropractic treatments can relax tight muscles in their head and neck and keep the vertebrae in their neck properly aligned, Marino says. With consistent treatment, she helps patients reduce the number of days per month they experience headaches.

5. Excellent posture: Most people don't think about their posture when they work on their laptop or send a few texts on their phone. But the cumulative effects of poor posture can strain the muscles and bones in the back, neck, shoulders and hips, causing pain and headaches, Marino says. “Chiropractic care realigns the joints, improves posture and corrects imbalances.”

6. Fewer age-related aches and pains: Aging can take a toll on the body, causing arthritis, bulging discs, decreased flexibility, poor range of motion and other problems. “We offer a variety of treatments that can help you manage age-related issues,” Marino says.

7. Less stiffness: Spinal adjustments, spinal mobilization, soft-tissue mobilization and massage are among the treatments Marino offers to reduce the stiffness and inflammation that can make joints feel tight. “Regular treatment is a simple way to keep your joints and muscles loose and flexible,” she says.

8. Better gastrointestinal health: Marino offers natural solutions to address stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn and gas. “Treatment is aimed at relaxing abdominal muscles and easing pressure on the nerves that travel to your stomach and intestines,” she says.

9. Lower blood pressure: High blood pressure stresses the arteries and your heart, increasing the risk of heart attack, dementia and heart and kidney disease. “Lower blood pressure is one of the lesser-known but very important benefits of chiropractic care,” Marino says. “High blood pressure could be related to an alignment problem in the neck in some cases. Medical researchers at the University of Chicago found that spinal manipulation resulted in a significant drop in blood pressure in people who had misaligned vertebrae in their necks.”

10. Natural stress reduction: “Stress may be unavoidable, but it doesn't have to take over your life,” Marino says. Chiropractic treatment relaxes the nervous system, loosens tight muscles and triggers the production of endorphins, the hormones that ease pain and improve mood.

11. Better sleep:  According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 30 to 35 percent of Americans experience brief periods of insomnia, 15 to 20 percent develop symptoms that last less than three months, and 10 percent develop chronic insomnia. “It’s difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep if you’re in pain or feel stressed,” Marino says. “Chiropractic care relieves insomnia naturally, helping you get the sleep you need.”

The Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit is located at 2050 Wantagh Ave., Wantagh, NY. For information or appointments, call 516-221-3500 or visit

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