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Astoria Nutritionist Targets Migraine-Fibroid Connection

After years of working with migraine sufferers as well as patients with fibroid growths, clinical nutritionist Michael Biamonte, owner of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition, in Astoria. noticed a striking correlation. “After studying the case histories and lab results of many such patients, I have observed that migraine sufferers appear more prone to developing fibroids than non-migraine sufferers,” he says. “So I developed a safe, natural nutritional protocol to help address this situation.”

His clue to solving the mystery was elevated levels of the trace mineral copper in chronic suffers of both migraines and fibroids. 

“Copper is involved in the production, release and detoxification of estrogen,” he explains. “My theory is that an imbalance or toxicity in the level of this mineral is involved with migraines and fibroids. I believe that estrogen that is in excess or that is not balanced by progesterone can cause or worsen both conditions.”

To address them both, Biamonte developed a four-step protocol designed to detoxify the intestines, detoxify the liver so it can process excess estrogen, balance thyroid and adrenal function, and then balance estrogen and progesterone levels.

“I developed this approach over a period of 10 years,” he says. “While each individual step provides some benefit when all of them are followed in the proper order, the benefit seems greater and more stable, and the actual root of the problem has a chance of being corrected.”

To read the science behind Biamonte’s protocol, visit his website,, and search “the connection between migraines and fibroids.”


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