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HerbaSway Concentrates Designed to Taste Good, Improve Health

Long before green tea became a staple in the natural health aisle, the Connecticut-based supplement company HerbaSway had developed a green tea liquid concentrate designed to taste good while improving health in a targeted way. 

Franklin St. John founded HerbaSway in 1996, inspired by his interest in traditional Chinese medicine. “I wanted to go beyond the typical multivitamin pill and really focus on specific nutritional goals,” he says. “After a great deal of research, I decided to develop liquid concentrates so that they were better absorbed into the bloodstream as well as easier and more enjoyable to take every day.”

After HerbaGreen concentrated green tea became a bestselling nutritional product, HerbaSway went on to develop a full line of unique liquid concentrates using all-natural ingredients, including herbs and fruit. HerbaGreen now comes in Peach, Mandarin Mango, and Raspberry-Lime, in addition to the original flavor. 

“We call HerbaGreen ‘the original’ because it was the first green tea concentrate—and it’s still the best,” St. John says. “Our secret formula features over 90 percent polyphenols, half of which are the potent epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG. A single serving of HerbaGreen Tea provides over 90mg of polyphenols—as much as 15 cups of the strongest green tea that can be brewed. Each bottle contains 60 servings. HerbaGreen Tea is sugar-free and caffeine-free, has zero calories, and tastes great.”

Other HerbaSway concentrates include Blueberry with antioxidants, Daily Detox, and Resveratrol for immune support.

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