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From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City

Did you ever need and want to try intravenous ozone therapy, but then said to yourself, Getting multiple injections? That will never happen!

Well, HOCATT Sauna treatments may be the answer.

What is a HOCATT Sauna?

HOCATT' is a very special type of ozone sauna. HOCATT is an acronym that stands for Hyperthermic, Ozone, Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. It’s a private sauna where patients sit with their heads exposed to the air, inhaling oxygen through a comfortable nasal cannula, while their body is infused with carbon dioxide, steam, high-energy photon light, and a mixture of ozone and oxygen gas. 

The effects of HOCATT can be very similar to those of intravenous ozone therapy. It may reduce pain and inflammation, calm inflamed nerves and relax tight muscles. It can also help inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasites; remove harmful free radicals, and destroy toxins. HOCATT can increase blood circulation and therefore speed up healing. It may also improve brain function and memory loss.

Who should try a HOCATT Sauna?

Many people require multiple forms of therapy, including ozone therapy, to reach their health goals. But people with very small or insufficient veins (and sometimes no veins at all) are unable to receive intravenous ozone treatment. A HOCATT Sauna is terrific for them, as well as for patients who are needle-phobic and would never try intravenous ozone therapy.

What should you expect when receiving a HOCATT Sauna?

The sauna lasts for approximately 30 minutes. You enter the sauna wearing a bath towel. Appropriate protective towel barriers are placed around your neck to prevent any leakage of gases outside the sauna. During the therapy, you are breathing oxygen through a nasal cannula to help boost your immune system and energy level and reduce stress.

The sauna heats up to a temperature of 98º F to 104ºF, with steam. When it reaches the desired temperature, carbon dioxide mixes with the vapor to form a compound called carbonic acid. This compound is unique to HOCATT. Carbonic acid helps increase circulation to the skin and lymphatic system. Most importantly, carbonic acid is one of the few safe compounds that can increase the uptake and delivery of oxygen at the cellular level. 

Another benefit of HOCATT is that it contains frequency-specific microcurrent, often called Rife therapy. Microcurrent therapy can help heal damaged cells by increasing the production of ATPs (energy molecules) within the healthy and damaged mitochondria in your cells. It can also reduce inflammation by diminishing prostaglandins and cytokine production and can help the body detoxify.

During this part of the session, high-energy photon light is emitted inside the sauna (you won’t see it). This light helps increase blood flow and is also considered anti-inflammatory.

The carbonic acid cycle lasts three minutes, after which a specified amount of ozone-oxygen is infused into the sauna cabinet. This gas initially reacts with the steam to create hydrogen peroxide, which helps destroy viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi embedded in the skin. The remainder of the ozone-oxygen gas mixture will then be absorbed through your skin into your body, where it circulates.

All this is happening at the same time during each treatment!

When the sauna finishes, the remaining gases within the cabinet are extracted into an ozone destructor so you can safely exit the unit. You’ll notice that your body smells especially clean and fresh.

Bottom Line

My patients state that after a HOCATT Sauna session, their skin feels softer, healthier, and cleaner. Most also report getting an excellent night’s sleep that night and having more energy the next day. 

HOCATT Sauna treatments can be used safely in conjunction with any other therapy or medicine. People with a variety of health issues acknowledge a significant improvement in their health status in just three to 10 sauna treatments.

More information about this amazing, safe and effective treatment is available at; on my website,; and on my radio show, “Functional Medicine with Dr. Robins,” which is archived but live each week on’s Health and Wellness Channel. More questions? Call my office at 212-581-0101.


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