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Long Island Dentist Takes ‘Nature-Mimicking’ Approach

Crowns and root canals have long been part of the dentist’s toolbox, but they don’t necessarily lead to the best long-term outcomes, says Dr. Olga Isaeva, of Nature’s Dental, in Greenlawn. She says the emerging field of biomimetic dentistry, which uses nature-mimicking technology to conserve and preserve healthy tooth structure, reignited her passion for her work.

A graduate of Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, and Alleman-Deliperi Center for Biomimetic Dentistry, Isaeva says she’s strongly committed to this nature-driven movement. 

“The biomimetic approach I practice eliminates aggressive crown preparations and destructive root canal treatments by up to 90 percent,” she says. “I receive a great deal of satisfaction from restoring my patients’ teeth the natural way, rather than subjecting them to traditional procedures that often fail and require costly redos.”

Isaeva—or “Dr. Olga,” as she’s know to her patients—has practiced general dentistry since 2007. She is also a board-certified naturopath. At Nature’s Dental she’s developed an “EPIC” approach focused on Education (about topics such as “silver” amalgam fillings); Prevention (through treatments like probiotics and oxygen-ozone therapy); Integration (of holistic therapies such as reiki and massage); and Conservation (through minimally invasive procedures).

“I believe a truly beautiful smile is part of a healthy, integrated self,” she says. “I take great care in looking at my patients’ dental needs as a part of their overall health and well-being.”

Location: 50 Broadway, Greenlawn, NY. For more information, call 631-316-1816 or visit

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