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Manhasset Dentist Offers Homebound Health Tips

Between Covid-19 and last month’s huge cold front, most of us feel sluggish and stale from being cooped up inside. Dr. Linda Golden, owner of Golden Dental Wellness Center, in Manhasset, offers two suggestions for staying stress-free and healthy indoors, naturally.

First, use diffusers to add humidity and freshness to stale heated air, adding essential oils to reduce stress and boost immunity. 

“A blend of lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, and eucalyptus is not only the perfect spa-like scent to relax you, but it’s also a great way to harness the antimicrobial power of essential oils,” Golden says. “The vapors of botanicals, like tea tree and lavender, can neutralize airborne germs, while tea tree and eucalyptus oils can alleviate some winter illness symptoms, clean the air and help out your immune system.”

Second, stock the fridge with antioxidant-rich produce, like blueberries, pomegranate, cherries, and plums, which will strengthen the body’s natural defenses. 

“You can buy the juice of these fruits, but check the label,” Golden says. “Lots of fruit juice contains less than 10 percent real juice.” For a strong antioxidant effect, she recommends the juice of Chinese wolfberry, available through Young Living or at Chinese food and supplement markets.

“At Golden Dental Wellness Center, we treat the whole body,” she says. “If you’re interested in a lesson in essential oils or dental nutrition, let us know when you call our office for an appointment.”

Location: 444 Community Dr., Manhasset, NY. For appointments or more information, call 516-627-8400 or visit  

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