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Wellness Center Customizes Cancer Lifestyle Programs

When conventional cancer treatment ends, patients are often left with no plan but to wait and see. Cindy Ness, Ph.D., executive director of the Center for Cancer Lifestyle Management, in New York City, says achieving the best treatment outcome requires more than medical care focused on killing cancer cells.

“At CCLM, we believe that it takes optimizing your body’s overall wellness so it’s less hospitable to cancer cell growth,” she says. “We also believe that once you’ve been told you’re disease-free, that’s the best time to get ahead of the curve. Recurrent cancer is often more difficult to treat.”

CCLM develops customized lifestyle management plans specific to patients’ biology and diagnosis. Its data-driven programming targets emotional well-being, social connection, the body’s stress-response system, nutritional intake, physical activity, and positive cognitions. 

“The objective is to support you in attaining a more efficient immune system, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and facilitate GI health for better intestinal absorption of whole-food nutrients,” Ness says. 

Emotionally, the program addresses the depression, anxiety, fear, and regret that often emerge with a cancer diagnosis, along with the longstanding emotional issues. 

 “That diagnosis can make you feel like your world has been turned upside down,” Ness says. “We offer a community where cancer patients can feel known by others going through many of the same things. Even for those with a strong social network, finding a like-minded tribe can strengthen resolve. If cancer is anything, it's a long haul.” 

For more information, email [email protected], call 646-920-9600, or visit

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