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Work Out ‘Any Time, Anywhere’ with Elliptica

Gym owners and users know that the elliptical machine is typically the most popular piece of cardio equipment on the floor. Many people also have ellipticals at home—although they’re not always inspired to use them. Elliptica Studios provides that inspiration. It offers live and on-demand classes for anyone with access to an elliptical machine, either at home or at the gym.

 “Our virtual classes can be taken anywhere at any time by anybody,” says owner Clair Mason. “We make our classes a totally immersive experience while guiding attendees through a strategic and efficient total-body workout.”

 Many workout studios have increased their online offerings temporarily as a result of the pandemic, but Mason predicts that virtual workouts are here to stay. 

“You can squeeze your workout in any time, anywhere,” she says. “And the elliptical appeals to everybody.”

Elliptica sells elliptical equipment as well as virtual memberships, and for a limited time it’s offering a free month of access to its virtual classes. The studio also offers in-person classes at its physical location in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Cyrece Lehman says she’d just started taking in-studio classes there when the pandemic hit. She bought a machine and has been taking online classes ever since. “It's rare to find a workout that anyone can feel comfortable doing,” she says. “When I log in to see a friendly-faced instructor calling out my name, I feel like I’m in the studio live.”

For more information, call 203-858-3319 or visit


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