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New York Clairvoyant Says Readings Promote Healing

New York Clairvoyant Says Readings Promote Healing

We all need regular physical checkups, but regular energetic checkups are important too, says clairvoyant Tori Quisling, whose background includes teaching at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California and teaching workshops all over the country, including the New York Open Center. She says habitual thoughts and emotions can manifest as energetic blocks or disease in our physical bodies. 

“A clairvoyant reading and classes on your energetic body can help you immensely to become more healthy and vital,” Quisling says. “I have trained and mastered the ability to observe the energetic patterns around people, read the energetic data around and in the person's body. I see where they are losing power. One reading session can have powerful effects.” 

A necessary step in that process is wanting to heal, she says. She cites Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and author of Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, who writes that many people are addicted to energetic wounds—past hurts and emotions that have come to define them. 

“We compare our hurts with others to get sympathy and reinforce our perceived limitations. These wound stories concentrate stuck energy in areas in the body, such as the stomach or heart, and can manifest as emotional and physical illness and disease,” Quisling says. “Our biology doesn't just form from the food we eat, but from our emotional experiences and perceptions that we hold onto from our past. We drain our life force by keeping this past alive.” 

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