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Gut Issues Are American ‘Epidemic’

Gut Issues Are American ‘Epidemic’

One-fifth of doctor visits in the United States are for digestive issues, according to Paul Anthony, a naturopathic doctor based in New York City. He calls poor gut health “an epidemic caused by poor diet and lifestyle.”

“Recent science has shown that gut health is far more important than once thought,” Anthony says. “It not only has an impact on diseases like IBS and Crohn's disease but can also lead to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many other autoimmune diseases. When the gut is compromised, our general health, including our immune system, is also compromised. Gut health also affects our energy levels, concentration, and mental clarity.”

Anthony’s practice, Silverstream Synergy, focuses on naturopathic medicine, digestive issues, nutrition counseling, preventive care, and lifestyle coaching.

“Our goal is to provide a vastly different kind of medical treatment for common illnesses, especially digestive issues,” he says. “We don’t prescribe any drugs, but only advise on herbal remedies and vitamins. We take a full-body and lifestyle approach to get the root of your illness, not simply a Band-Aid approach. Pharmaceutical drugs have mostly been ineffective in helping with most digestive issues, and some even make those problems worse, especially antibiotics.”

Feeling great starts with healing the gut, he says. “The best way to do this is to find the right diet to heal your gut wall, remove the harmful bacteria in your system, and replenish the good bacteria through the right diet and supplements.”

For more information, contact Paul Anthony at 973-879-9268 or [email protected]

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