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Meditation Is Simple, Essential

Even a limited meditation practice can help us release tension, improve our mental and physical health, and make our lives easier and less complicated, says Ma Mokshapriya Shakti, Ph.D., founder of Yogashakti Yoga Center, in Queens. 

“Meditation is not removing yourself from this world and going into a world of nothingness,” she says. “It is active participation in beginning to understand ourselves. Why am I here? Why am I not getting what I want? Why can I not quiet my mind? What is life? Work, eat, sleep—is that all there is? These are the questions we need to answer. For this reason, we need to meditate. It is an absolute essential for life.”

Through meditation, we make sense of life by tapping into our higher self, the part that the constant pressures and tensions of daily activity prevents us from accessing, she says. 

And meditation isn’t as hard as most people think.

“Tools are plentiful, but the inspiration to practice is not,” she says. “Every individual is capable of meditating if inspired to practice regularly. To be inspired we need to examine the reward and understand the tools.”

Starting January 10, Shakti will offer an eight-week teacher-training class—Meditation, Mindfulness and Deep Relaxation—for those who wish to deepen and refine their meditation practice and deliver inspired and intuitively led meditations. Classes will be held via Zoom on four Saturdays and eight Sundays, from 2 to 6 p.m.

Cost: $888. For more information, visit, call 718-738-8001 or email [email protected]

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