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Rachlin Center Provides Immune-Boosting IV Therapy

During this pandemic, when excellent immune function is more vital than ever, the Rachlin Center, in Albertson, New York, has become a destination for people who want to boost their bodies’ natural healing ability through IV therapy.

“Our vitamin infusions are a quick, effective way to keep your immune system ramped up,” says Ami Shah, M.D., head of the Rachlin Center. “Our customized vitamin drips boost cellular nutrition and have no side effects. We also offer immune-boosting vitamin supplement packages available for pickup.” 

The Rachlin Center was founded by Steven M. Rachlin, M.D., an internal medicine physician and a pioneer in functional medicine. For more than 30 years, he advocated for disease prevention through natural treatments and therapies. Shah says she’s dedicated to continuing his legacy—empowering patients by giving them the tools to reach optimum health.

In addition to boosting the immune system, IV drips can also be used to reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy and improve overall health, she says. Other services offered at the Rachlin Center include health coaching, with personalized nutritional programs for weight loss, cardiovascular support and inflammation reduction; diabetic nutritional counseling; exercise programs; and overall wellness screenings and evaluations.  

“Our goal is to help every patient achieve optimum well-being by developing strategies for addressing their health risks and producing the most successful results,” Shah says. “Our workups include a thorough evaluation of bloodwork and cardiovascular risk, and a tailored wellness program unique to each client.”

Location: 927 Willis Ave., Albertson, NY. For more information, call 516-873-7773.

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