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Manhasset Dentist Offers 3D Imaging

Nov 01, 2020 02:24PM ● By Michael Lehrman

Most of us have gone through the same routine over a lifetime of dental checkups: We get an x-ray gun placed alongside our mouths and then watch the doctor study flat images of our teeth. Those 2D scans are fine for pointing out basic imperfections—cavities, impacted wisdom teeth, a fractured tooth—but understanding the implications of fixing some of these problems requires a more sophisticated look, says Dr. Linda Golden of Golden Dental Wellness Center, in Manhasset. 

A 3D scan called Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) allows dentists to create digital models of a patient’s entire mouth and jaw and anticipate potential complications with routine procedures, Golden says. 

“What looks like a simple wisdom tooth removal on a 2D scan suddenly looks way riskier when the CBVT reveals the potential for nerve damage if the tooth is removed,” she says. 

Taking a CBVT scan is also easier and quicker than a traditional scan, she says. Instead of taking separate pictures from various angles, the patient simply steps into the machine, bites a mouthguard and waits as the machine’s arm swings in a 360-degree arc, capturing every angle in one go.

“While photos taken with this machine are more expensive than 2D scans, the additional costs are far outweighed by the added safety and additional knowledge gained from the CBVT scan,” Golden says. “Contact us if you’d like to discuss treatment options, including which type of scan is best for your treatment.”

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