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‘Breath-Taking’ Oral Care Kit Uses Ancient Protocols

Given the importance of oral hygiene to whole-body health, a New York-based wellness product company, Health Healing Energy Ph.D., has designed a DIY kit that makes it easy to adopt a comprehensive oral-care regimen.

The typical routine—brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash—has minimal impact on harmful oral microbes, which typically survive the treatment and quickly multiply and repopulate the mouth, says Leah Welder, Ph.D., a lead practitioner at the company’s wellness center in Monroe. 

The Breath-Taking Mouth Package, developed by professionals at Health Healing Energy, includes “premium products needed to practice ancient oral care protocols that have stood the test of time,” Welder says. They include coconut oil, used for oil pulling to re-mineralize teeth and exercise mouth muscles; silver tooth gel to promote clean breath; a blotting brush to remove plaque; and bentonite clay, which acts as a binder to absorb unwanted particles and raise pH balance, and also polishes the teeth.  

 “The package is all-inclusive,” she says. “You get the quality products that were researched and tested and a brochure for usage instructions, ready to incorporate at your pace. The integration of these methods via our cycled guide will not only improve your mouth health but also aid the release of toxins to enhance overall well-being.” 

 To learn more or to order the Breath-Taking Mouth Package, visit



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